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About me

My name is Christopher Loessl. Currently working as a Senior Security Engineer at Tink AB, a FinTech company, in Stockholm.

I’m a devoted security and software engineer, interested in security, operating systems, networking and mobile, with more than 15+ years of Linux/Unix and 10+ years of professional software development experience.

During this time I have written patches, features and bug fixes for various open source projects (e.g., VLC, OWASP, Adium, Newsblur, Mantle, …).

By listening to podcasts, answering questions on StackOverflow, reading blogs, and giving the occasional talk at developer meetings I stay engaged with the communities and push myself to be at the cutting edge of this fast-paced field.

In my free time I love to read, hike, climb and observe the universe through my 8" dobsonian telescope.

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